Bemoaning the state of the States

I was in California for a meeting. My attorney is a big time Democrat. He sees Obama as a failed President. He also thinks he will win against Romney, not that he deserves to.

We reviewed the situation.

  • Government spending is at 25% of US GDP, while revenues are at 15% of GDP. The gap is made up in borrowed money. No one is showing serious intent to fix this.
  • The Iranians already have a few nukes, of questionable utility, probably stolen from the Russians. They will inevitably possess usable warheads of their own creation unless we engage in serious warfare, not just pin prick bombing.
  • Egyptian President Morsi fired the chief of staff to the Egyptian Army. The result is a disaster for Western interests.
  • The US has lost influence all along the southern tier of former soviet republics: Georgia, Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and will shortly lose any influence over Afghanistan.
  • Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu will go to war to prevent Iran from nuking Israel.
  • The European economy is stalling.
  • The Chinese economy is building up piles of unsold inventory.
  • Obama, he says, is a failed President. He has neither fixed healthcare nor the Wall Street mess. He lost the opportunity to have a few bankers shot at the beginning of the regime, just to set an example for the rest.

When the Soviet Union fell, we benefited enormously, and in effect we had only to prevail by carrying on doing the things we ordinarily do: work, shop, elect governments, be ourselves. We just had to wait them out. In the future we will be faced with tougher choices, more sacrifices. The world, he said, is going to be a much rougher place for our children.

We finished our wine and paid the bill.