The BBC and the debate on “anti-liberal” doctrines

The BBC concludes an item on the manifesto of convicted mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik thusly:

Breivik offers a clear instance of “Christianism” – the use of travestied Christian doctrines for the advancement of violent and revolutionary views. That is no reason for anyone to demonise more than a billion worshippers of Jesus Christ. By the same token, Islamism remains a political perversion of a Muslim faith shared by a billion souls.

Such anti-liberal doctrines can be – and have been – defeated by robust discussion and debate.

And justly so. Fair enough, Auntie Beeb, you first:

The British Broadcasting Corporation has spent almost £333,000 in legal costs associated with its efforts to conceal the Balen Report, a 2004 internal inquiry into the BBC’s coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict whose contents were never released to the public.

After all, robust debate in England over anti-liberal doctrines has been going on since at least 1644.