While the New Rome burns…

The Equity Industry strides onward through its familiar realm of the ludicrous:

Verenice Gutierrez picks up on the subtle language of racism every day.

Take the peanut butter sandwich, a seemingly innocent example a teacher used in a lesson last school year.

“What about Somali or Hispanic students, who might not eat sandwiches?” says Gutierrez, principal at Harvey Scott K-8 School, a diverse school of 500 students in Northeast Portland’s Cully neighborhood.

“Another way would be to say: ‘Americans eat peanut butter and jelly, do you have anything like that?’ Let them tell you. Maybe they eat torta. Or pita.”

Yes, the linguistic cudgel that is the peanut butter sandwich takes its place in the arsenal of racist demagoguery.

Then again, Portland in known to tread wobbily on the fine line between clever and stupid:

H/T Ed Driscoll