Social Notes

The Barrelstrength collective is a loose confederation of employed or self-employed intelligentsia who carry on considerable discussion among themselves, most of which never reaches the blog. Duggan’s Dew, Arran Gold, and Glendronach and I are busy at work. September to December in the northern hemisphere is the work season. While this four month period constitutes just one-third of the year, I observe that more than 40% of the year’s work gets done in it, to make up for the few months of the summer when we are leisurists.

Rebel Yell has never quite bothered to find the pass key to the site, Oban has retired and perhaps is afraid to advance his centrist lefty views in this pack of wolves, Tobermory gave up and Blair Atholl only comments from time to time. Output is reduced. So there you have it.

Our back pages were hacked and until we get that fixed, our corpus of work for the past few years awaits debugging, which should occur, we hope, before Christmas.

Nevertheless, the urge to blog still lives and production will resume at normal rates soon.