The world has stopped getting warmer

Says the Met Office of the UK.

global temperature changes

Do I believe this? Do you mean: do you think the anthropogenic global warming thesis is proved or disproved by the earth getting warmer, or not? The answer must be “no”. The issue is the cause of global warming, or cooling. The earth will continue to heat up until it stops and gets colder. Perhaps it will plunge back into an ice age in two to five thousand years. This would be a continuation of a long period of glaciation and temporary inter-glacials, ever since Panama connected with South America a million years ago. We are in a temporary inter-glacial, which has mostly run its course.

And suppose man has heated the environment? So what? Does that mean we have prevented the next ice age? I doubt it, but I do not know, and neither does anyone else. Those who wish to put us into 19th century levels of prosperity by cutting electricity consumption,  on the basis of spurious, politicized  science, should face trials for crimes against humanity.

A hat tip to Glendronach for the Daily Mail article.