Forget Benghazi. Seriously.

The MSM media lockdown on the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi is almost comprehensive. The story will not be a decisive or even important factor in the presidential election. The big networks and newspapers have not covered the sorry trail of deception and contradiction so far, and there is no reason to expect that will change. The Fox News Friday blockbuster – doomed CIA agents begging for help from an uncaring Washington – is losing momentum by the moment, as a providential storm approaches the east coast and allows newsrooms to look the other way even harder. So forget Benghazi. Just as they turned in a picture-perfect debate performance and more or less ignored Benghazi, so I suspect the Romney campaign will continue to do so, responding to events or questions when they absolutely must, but otherwise holding silence. They are letting the event speak for itself. It does. The campaign can only weaken its impact, if it plays into a string of MSM irrelevancies and ambuscades. Any serious investigation of this tragedy will happen after the election. Like Mr. Harper here in Canada, the Romney people realized they will never, ever get a square deal from the traditional media, and they adjusted accordingly. I believe the Romney team learned its lesson from ‘shoot first, aim later’, and will no longer venture into territory it does not own. Mr. Romney’s speech last night was on the economy and that is right on target.