Intelligence is measured by IQ, just as your bathroom scales measure your weight

Satoshi Kanazawa to the rescue.
Common Misconceptions About Intelligence II: Nobody Knows What Intelligence Is, Because Intelligence and IQ Are Not the Same Thing

Satoshi Kanazawa on December 14, 2012, 6:18 PM

>Intelligence is precisely and exactly what IQ tests measure.

A related misconception that people have is the claim that IQ is not a measure of general intelligence.  Some people believe in the concept of intelligence; they know that some people are more intelligent than others.  But they do not believe that IQ tests accurately measure individuals’ intelligence, once again, because IQ test scores typically show average differences between different groups and they believe that individuals from different groups on average must be equally intelligent.

Contrary to this view, intelligence researchers unanimously agree that intelligence is exactly what IQ tests measure, in the same way that your weight is exactly what your bathroom scale measures.  To maintain that intelligence is real and some people are more intelligent than others, yet IQ tests do not accurately measure intelligence is akin to claiming that weight is real and some people are heavier than others, but the bathroom scale does not accurately measure weight.  It simply does not make any sense.

Contrary to nonsense published in the Toronto Star.