Preposterous bitching in British press

For those of you who wonder why half my entries deal with political correctness, you may find this article by Rod Liddle of the Spectator amusing.

One Suzanne Moore, of the bien pensant left, wrote:

‘Women are angry with ourselves for not being happier, not being loved properly and not having the ideal body shape — that of a Brazilian transsexual.’

Rod Liddle

One of these days, not too far away, the entire bourgeois bien-pensant left will self-immolate entirely leaving behind nothing but a thin skein of smoke smelling slightly of goji berries. Please let that day come quickly. In the meantime let us simply enjoy ourselves watching them tear each other to pieces, mired in their competing victimhoods, seething with acquired sensitivity, with inchoate rage and fury, inventing more and more hate crimes with which they might punish people who are not themselves.

Read the article. The facts are self-satirizing