Finally, someone telling the Quebec political classes what they need to hear

Lysianne Gagnon was trying to tell her fellow members of the Quebec political class why no one in Canada stands to gain from reviving the Quebec “national question”. Essentially, no one in English Canada is interested.

Maybe the word is starting to percolate through the Iron Curtain of Quebecois self-obsession. Bravo Lysianne!

La sollicitude inquiète des années 80 a fait place à indifférence mâtinée d’hostilité à l’égard de la classe politique québécoise, le Québec «officiel» étant maintenant vu comme un partenaire pleurnichard, jamais content, qui parasite le pays en empochant, grâce à la péréquation, de quoi se payer des programmes sociaux que les autres provinces n’ont pas les moyens de s’offrir.

Translation: The worried solicitude of the 1980s has been replaced by indifference bordering on hostility towards the Quebec political class, the official Quebec being viewed as a crybaby partner, never content, in a parasitic relationship to the rest of the country, pocketing the means to pay for the social programs that the other provinces cannot afford for themselves.

This is what is being said in French Canada! Can you imagine the uproar if an English Canadian politician said as much? Never mind. The truth is finally being said, in French, by French speakers, about their own political culture. Two cheers for Lysianne Gagnon.