Steven Pinker, hypocrite

Thomas Nagel’s book made the front page of the National Post today. You read about it first here a few days ago. Nagel said that the Darwinian explanation for the felt experience of consciousness was wholly inadequate. You can’t get mind from meat, in essence. Either matter is a whole lot more spooky, or matter is not the only thing in the universe. Nagel has been condemned by all right thinking materialists and their innumerable hangers-on.

Here is Pinker’s commentary upon Nagel’s refusal to bend his knee to the God of Matter.

Linking to one particularly damning review in The Nation, Steven Pinker tweeted, “What has gotten into Thomas Nagel? Two philosophers expose the shoddy reasoning of a once-great thinker.”


Contrast Steve Pinker eloquent defence of the university against political correctness with his silly intolerance of Thomas Nagel stepping out of the materialist dogma.