Climate catastrophe deferred

I have no sense of timing. I thought climate catastrophists would have been turned into zombies by the revelations of Climategate 1 several years ago, but the quasi-religious impulse behind global warming catastrophism is so strong that years of scientific refutation and embarrassment must lie ahead before the juggernaut is stopped. There are signs, nevertheless, that even in politically correct company it is now possible to say that the actual temperatures recorded are lower than what the IPCC has been predicting.

This from Stephen Hayward in Powerline:

“The problem for the climateers is increasingly dire.  As The Economist shows in its first chart (Figure 1 here), the recent temperature record is now falling distinctly to the very low end of its predicted range and may soon fall out of it, which means the models are wrong, or, at the very least, that there’s something going on that supposedly “settled” science hasn’t been able to settle.  Equally problematic for the theory, one place where the warmth might be hiding—the oceans—is not cooperating with the story line. ”



Recent data show that ocean warming has noticeably slowed, too, as shown in Figure 2 here.


So the zombies lurch forward, calling for more windmills, fewer pipelines and the end of oil fuels, but they are losing the argument about facts, to the extent that facts ever had anything to do with global warming catastrophism.