Man-caused global warming in slight retreat

Or so says Jo Nova, reporting on how the AGW cheerleaders are lowering their alarms.

Meantime, Kevin Trenberth, Apostle of AGW, is now saying that global warming is being hidden because heat is being transferred to ocean currents which, contrary to all scientific understanding of what warmer water does, is sinking out of reach of our instruments.

Once you depart from the True Faith of AGW, there is no limit to how absurd these claims of AGW fanatics appear.

Freeman Dyson, the physicist, speaks of the fudge factors in computer modelling of climate. No scientific-mathematical model of the effects of clouds, for instance, has yet been produced. Yet cloud formation is the essence of how increases in atmospheric  CO2 is supposed to generate warming. If clouds do not form as predicted, then increases of atmospheric CO2 do not have the catastrophic effects which have been predicted. The core of  the assertions about CO2’s effects on climate are arbitrary insertions into the data, multiplying weak effects into stronger ones by policy choice of the modeller.

As the lack of increase of temperatures becomes undeniable, will there be a deluge of recantations and “I never really believed it”  in the media? Or will the AGW pandemic be like the decline of belief in cholesterol as a cause of heart disease, which is dragging out for decades?