Okay, so they are NOT Quakers

They are, wait for it…….Muslims.

They are from the Caucasus and their answer to the “world view”, as announced on on of their facebook page, is “Muslim”. CNN quotes a friend of theirs as saying they “are as American as I am”, a friend who had known from high school. “Normal”, “successful”, “a walking angel”.

So, if the two of them are so nice, how come Islam, the doctrines and social conditioning of the religion of peace,  can turn US high school graduates, mostly raised in the United States,  into mass killers?

Look, people, you do not need to have a doctorate in Islamic studies from the University of Cairo to understand Islam from the sharp end. Operationally, as opposed, perhaps, to theologically, Islam obviously causes some young males to believe it is warranted, justified, normal, socially-approved (within narrow circles) to plan the slaughter of one’s non-Islamic neighbours. Stop trying to tell me the “root cause” is something other than Islam. The commentariat keeps professing amazement at what has by now emerged as a consistent  pattern over time by dozens if not hundreds of young men. The reason for their behaviour is their religion. No one will mention the elephant in the room because of severe social sanctions for attributing jihad to the Islamic religion.

Which is like denying a stereotype is valid because it is “stereotypical”. If it were not statistically valid, it would not be a “stereotype”.  All Muslims are not jihadists, but all jihadists are Muslims.


The Chechen-American  uncle, Ruslan Tsarni,  of the two nephews on the TV speaks volumes in favour, praise, really, of the United States.  Says he is “ashamed” for his family and for the Chechens for the way the nephews have disgraced the “entire ethnicity”, that he  had broken with the family of his brother, and that they were “losers” who had been unable to assimilate to the American culture.

A sane man has said it.