Template for a terrorist attack

Or, how you can impress your liberal friends by correctly forecasting unfolding events in the next terrorist attack.

Now that people like Gov. Andrew Cuomo, are starting to refer to the random acts of violence as “the new normal“, it is important that we understand how they unfold. We have had enough terrorist attacks in the Western world to model and extrapolate this. Following is the first attempt.

1. Terrorist attack occurs.

2. A leftist politician will attempt to compensate for his limited intelligence by talking about “root cause” of terrorism, e.g. Justin Trudeau – Justin Trudeau and the problem with ‘root causes’

3. A leftist politician will blame the right-wing for the attack, e.g. Barack Obama – Axelrod: Obama Thinks Boston Bombings Could Be Related to ‘Tax Day’, and Chris Matthews – Chris Matthews, Democratic congressman suggest Tax Day tie to Boston attacks

4. A leftist columnist will try to make it a race issue, e.g. Salon.com – Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American, or an example of right-wing hate.

5. Terrorist will most likely turn out to be Muslims.

6. Articles will appear lamenting about the inevitable oncoming brutal backlash against the Muslims although this has never occurred before. BBC – Boston bombings: Muslim Americans await bomber’s ID. As an aside, notice how some of the savvier news organisations, like BBC, thread the needle on the knotty topic of terrorist identification? They don’t want to wait to write about the brutal backlash after the terrorist have been identified in case they get relegated with the slow-moving and slow-thinking print press. They also do not want to jump the gun and identify them as Muslims because that would be, oh gosh, so judgemental, so they write about how the Muslims wait for the identity of the terrorist with trepidation and are “braced for a backlash”.

7. We will be lectured by the politicians who we heard from in #3 above how we should not rush to judgement about “motivations [of]…entire groups of people” even though they were doing precisely that earlier, albeit against their political enemies.

8. The media will print heart-rending tales of how the larger society has mistreated the terrorist and attempt to rationalize, justify and mitigate the responsibility on behalf of the terrorist, e.g. NYT – Far From War-Torn Homeland, Trying To Fit In, and how we should sympathize with them.