Another example of bias at CBC?

From the CBC website.

A tweet from Edmonton Oiler Nail Yakupov is causing some controversy among the city’s Sikhs after the right winger [not bold in original] professed surprise at CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada broadcast in Punjabi.

Shortly before he hit the ice for practice Sunday morning, the player tweeted a message in Russian that translates roughly as “How can this be?” or “How can this happen?”

Attached to the tweet was a picture of the hosts from CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada in Punjabi, which broadcasts two games every Saturday with commentary in the Punjabi language.

Yakupov tweeted a picture of the two hosts of CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada in Punjabi with the message “How can this be?” (CBC)

Would CBC have reported this if the Yakupov was a left winger? Enquiring minds want to know!