An email to York Regional Police chief Eric Jolliffe

This was sent in relation to the threats issued by York regional police to a rabbi threatening bad things if Pamela Geller was allowed to speak at a conference at his synagogue.

Sir, if I understand correctly, your police service forced its chaplain to cancel a completely legal event under threat of dismissal after pressure from one segment of your community. If so, you have made an extremely bad decision. As a police service, you have demonstrated quite effectively just whom you intend to serve and those rights and freedoms you have decided not to protect. In doing so, I believe you have created the conditions for serious problems in the future which your service will have no choice but to confront. But you may find your officers meeting those challenges with much less support than they might otherwise expect. Good luck to them.

Blazing Cat Fur published a letter from the Canadian academic Salim Mansur on this absurd capitulation to Islamic sensitivities.