Nigel Farage is the Ralph Klein of UK politics

Fellow Canadian conservatives, you need to pay some attention to this guy, Nigel Farage, not because we are in such bad straits as the UK, but because we are doing fine, and there is hope now that the UK will once again start to go in the right direction. I do not object to David Cameron because he is an Etonian toff, I object to Cameron because his instincts are so unfailingly wrong about everything..

In reading this Daily Mail article about Farage, I became aware that closest thing to him in Canada was the late lamented Ralph Klein, who was folksy enough to win elections and strategic enough to move the province in the right direction.

Says Farage of Cameron, at the pub with a reporter, having just taken a call from his son:

Sorry, where were we?’ he says. ‘Rewriting Britain’s political landscape,’ I reply. ‘Oh yes,’ he continues, picking up his thread – and his glass. ‘UKIP is not going away.’

Does he consider himself more of a real Tory than Cameron? ‘Good Lord yes,’ he chunters. ‘He’s not a Tory, he’s a socialist. Tory voters feel much closer to me than their own leader. 

‘His priorities are gay marriage, foreign aid and wind farms. They’re not mine.’

That pretty much says it all.