UKIP scores big

The reverberations continue from Nigel Farage’s stunning blow to the political class and leftism as usual in Britain. Farage is the leader of the UKIP, the UK Independence Party. It scored 23% of the popular vote in recent town council elections.  The Tories garnered 25%, Labour 29% and the Lib Dems 19%.

Farage has said he is ready to make an electoral coalition with the Tories if David Cameron, the current PM, is tossed, or to make an electoral coalition with the Tories where they would agree not to run against each other.

Farage is in a position of strength. He has campaigned as the outsider, the man not of the political class. His anti-uncontrolled-immigration and anti-EU stance has brought him from the fringes of British politics to the centre in less than two years.

Prime Minister Cameron has greater personal ability but all the fatally leftist instincts of Joe Clark, and in my more decisive moments I would bet that Cameron is doomed.

Guardian reportage here.
Daily Mail here.
Daily Telegraph here.

I shall quote from the Telegraph:

Even so, the election of 16 Ukip councillors in the home county of Baroness Thatcher, dominated by the Conservatives for a century, has taken people by surprise.

Neither the local Tory grandees, nor one “gobsmacked” 26-year-old Tesco worker elected as a Ukip councillor, saw it coming. But both sides are agreed on one thing: the cause of the upset is not just David Cameron, but an entire political class that has ignored the concerns of a rural area struggling to cope with immigration.

From the Guardian:

Tony Travers, of the London School of Economics, said: “I am normally cautious but I do think the tectonic plates are shifting. There is definitely a change going on. The share of the vote of the main two parties has been declining since the 1950s. But it is now even lower than it was at the height of the scandal over MPs expenses in 2009. You can half imagine David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg having to have a meeting to think what to do as Ukip is hurting them all.”

Every time some pur et dur conservative bitches at Harper for not beheading enemies fast enough, I keep thinking how our PM keeps his base rock-solid. No one but Harper has the wit to tell everyone not to “commit sociology” in the wake of the Boston jihadist attacks. With that phrase he  underlines again how well he understands and repudiates leftist ways of thinking. David Cameron of the UK would never think or say any such thing. Think “Alison Redford” when you hear the words “David Cameron”. Wet, wet, wet.