Envy will get me nowhere

The pompous catastrophist hypocritical buffoon, Al Gore, is now worth about $250 million. Apple, Google, and Kleiner-Perkins investments, mostly. When he left office he was worth barely over a million. I do not deny he is able, but I assert he is insufferably dogmatic and closed on the subject of global warming. But hey! if it works for you…..

It seems that his Silicon Valley friends did not forget his bill to fund that nascent Internet as it transitioned out of the government-funded NSF Net into a privatized network. The Internet needed bridge financing for 18 months, and Gore supplied it by legislation. So lest we be tempted to see a man as all bad, he did one great thing, in time, to allow the Internet to become the world’s communications system.

He has been building up bad karma by the truckload ever since.