Jihadism is an app

Best description of the phenomenon: distributed, downloadable, free. From the Telegraph, by Mathew d’Ancona:

Jihadism is now, literally, an app, a downloadable mindset that encourages self-starting, DIY terrorism of the most basic sort. Roshonara Choudhry, who stabbed the Labour MP, Stephen Timms, in his surgery in May 2010, had been radicalised by jihadi sermons on the web. To say that Islamist terrorism in 2013 is disaggregated is no more meaningful than saying that Nike or Apple is disaggregated. Globalisation has fostered the emergence of a supranational network, connected by hatred of American and Western “foreign policy”, anti-Semitism and a longing to enforce Sharia and restore the Caliphate. As I have written before, the network plots globally and kills locally. It is active in Mali, Algeria, Yemen, Egypt and anywhere else that has Wi-Fi. And last Wednesday it was active in Woolwich.

Jihad, coming to a theatre near you. Why are we importing these people?