Another example of Obama’s sheer brilliance

Yes, another example from that guy famous for visiting 57-states and for trying to walk-through-window.

US President Barack Obama repeatedly addressed Chancellor George Osborne as Jeffrey during the recent G8 summit, according to media reports.

Mr Obama is a fan of soul singer and musician Jeffrey Osborne, who enjoyed success in the 1980s with hits such as On The Wings of Love and Love Power.

The singer said he was “delighted” his name had cropped up at the summit.

The chancellor was in Northern Ireland to chair a session of world leaders on tax transparency.

According to the Sun and the Financial Times, Mr Obama apologised to the chancellor – who was attending his first G8 – for calling him Jeffrey three times during the meeting – saying: “I’m sorry, man. I must have confused you with my favourite R&B singer”.

Jeffrey Osborne was a member of the band LTD before enjoying a successful solo career.

Well, we all know about the Teleprompter Jesus.

MSNBC host and Obama sycophant Chris Matthews blamed the sun for spoiling the president’s speech in Berlin today.

“I think a lot of the problem he had today was the late afternoon sun in Berlin ruined his use of the teleprompter and so his usual dramatic windup was ruined,” Matthews said immediately after the speech. “I think he was really struggling with the text there.”

Speaking behind a glass bulletproof shield, Obama appeared to be using the text of the speech rather than reading off of teleprompters.

As a commentator on the site noted, “Sunlight really is the best disinfectant.”