Politics, economics, finance and Obama’s future

So far Obama has led a charmed life, seemingly impervious to scandals around him. As the economy has climbed out of the 2008 financial crisis, the old adage of politics being driven by a warm bed and cold beer has held true. If the economy was to unravel Obama will be in trouble, especially because the media will not provide him with cover. Financial volatility leads to economic volatility, which leads to political instability as W found out. What is happening on the economic and financial front?

June 4, 2013 on barrelstrength.com : Bracing for economic volatility

The economic volatility is downstream from financial volatility and the latter process might have started during the last week of May. The extent of government intervention in the markets, via Quantitative Easing (QE), is unprecedented and therefore the ramifications will have a lot of unknowns.

June 20, 2012Analysis: Anxiety grows as stock market learns to walk on its own

The stock market has been put on notice by the Federal Reserve: from here on in, you’re on your own.

Stock markets worldwide have fallen sharply since comments on Wednesday by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke laying out the U.S. central bank’s plans to pull back on its $85 billion in monthly asset purchases. U.S. stocks endured their worst two-day selloff since November 2011, and the Dow Jones industrials fell 354 points on Thursday.


June 21, 2012