re: Trayvon Martin, where is the outrage for Pat Mahaney?

We have all heard more than we wanted to about one adolescent petty criminal Trayvon Martin, but does the name Pat Mahaney ring a bell? Probably not because he looks like this.


Yes, he had the misfortune of being born white. That is why you never heard his story which goes like this.

Mahaney, 46, became sick last week and died on Friday at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. Authorities will wait on autopsy report before deciding whether to pursue more charges.

Six teens who savagely beat an Ohio man last year because they were bored may face additional charges after the 46-year-old victim died Friday.

One “minor” detail that almost all articles omit is that the perpetrators were all black teenagers. Here is an article that does expand on that, whilst simultaneously enlightening us on the black literacy level.

WND obtained records of activity from the Facebook page of one of the young assailants. Lamont Champion, 13 and heavily tattooed, wrote after a report of the attack was featured on local news: “MAN WE WAS JUST ON THE NEWS FOE HITTIN DAT MAN OMG BRA WE BOUT TO GET SUM TIME WE WAS ON DA NEWS IDK WADD TO DO MAN D— I GOT TO MUCH S— PLANNED AN ON MY MINE (LMS) TO PRAY FOE US.”

His comment received 50 “likes.”