Steve Sailer bats it out of the park

Steve Sailer is one of the most impressive political commenters in the United States. I was particularly pleased with his review of the movie Elysium which, he says, is being interpreted in entirely the wrong way by left and right alike. The director of the film, Neil Blomkamp, is an Afrikaner, and he also directed the wonderful sci-fi film District 9, in which an alien race settles over some township in South Africa and all the local blacks, who call them “prawns”,  complain vociferously against them because the aliens’ labour is even cheaper than theirs. Boomkamp mocks the Afrikaners as cruelly as the Africans in what is a compelling work of science-fiction.

Now in the reviews of Elysium the conservative press cannot get past Matt Damon to see what Blomkamp is actually showing them: the total disaster of a world without borders, where Los Angeles has been turned into the gigantic slum that is Mexico City because the  producing part of the population has been drowned in a brown-skinned racial flood.

Sailer writes:

Blomkamp, a gun-loving Afrikaner whose movies are based around his fear that the rapid breeding of Third Worlders threatens to bring down civilization, saysElysium originated in a disastrous visit to Mexico in 2005. While shooting a Nike commercial in lovely San Diego, the Boer crossed the border one evening to see Tijuana, where he was abducted by corrupt Mexican cops who shook him down for $900 in return for not killing him.

Despite the obviousness of Blomkamp’s parable about Mexican immigration’s catastrophic effects, Elysium has been universally interpreted as preaching the need for amnesty, open borders, and Obamacare.

So all you conservatives out there, I suggest we all pay to see a truly right-wing movie whose message is so obvious it gets right past leftist censorship and conservative disapproval at the same time. Strike a blow for art!