Anyone care to disagree?

Is this an accurate description of what is happening? Is it exaggerated? Is it understated? The article is worth paying attention to. Many more people think this way than speak this way publicly.


The tide has turned. Islam is winning the intellectual jihad. It has now smelled blood. Western civilization and its governing principles are on the run – thanks in large part to the Left, which spent decades preparing the groundwork for thought control by persuading lawmakers that there exists a fundamental right ‘not to be offended’ and that the test of ‘offensive’ language resides in the subjective judgment of the identity group that chooses to take offence. Contemporary discourse is now about how people feel rather than what they think. The content of speech is now less important than the imputed motive or emotion embedded in it. If it is deemed hateful or insulting then it should be proscribed. End of story. How convenient for orthodoxy.