They saw him coming…

After the spectacular show of un-diplomacy from the White House over the Syria debacle, much has been learned by both the friends and enemies of the West.

Friends have learned just how shallow and inconsequential the thoughts and deeds of the president imitator really are. Enemies have learned much, much more.

The Iranians, who may be fanatics but are certainly not stupid, have sized up Obama. Hence, the miraculous appearance of a ‘moderate cleric’, Rouhani, as the new president. As always, the words are repeated endlessly in the liberal media, the echo chamber of Obama cant.

As always, the vanity and narcissism of Obama are in full bloom. Having arisen from the viscid pool of liberal academe, and been borne aloft on the sycophantic vapors of his media scribes, he finds himself adrift in the world of politics. And Iran is now pandering to his vanity by exuding an air of ‘moderation’. Eager to clutch at every straw to justify their own fantasies, the media scribes prattle that suddenly Iran may be ‘opening to the world’, or may be ready ‘for a dialogue on the nuclear question’. The Iranians know that Obama and the political class of the West are desperate to believe their multicultural fantasies about Islam, and so is providing the pretext for them.

But, just to let Obama know that they know all about him, they snub him at the UN. Ah, Obama did not have ‘a moment’ with Rouhani! Ah, how the New York Times would have drooled! What better way to establish who is calling the shots here. Make him come to the master’s table. Obama’s narcissism here will claim that this is a great act of openness, reaching out, hungering for dialogue, or some such platitude of lib-speak. Of course the Iranians would be interested in negotiations about the nuclear question; after Syria, they know that Obama does not believe in America, can not understand a strategic problem and, more importantly, believes the world thinks highly of him.

Will the words of Obama stop the uranium centrifuges spinning? Will the power of a 12-day Nobel Peace Prize give grief to the Iranian regime? No. They understand power. Obama does not.

The Syrian affair may have shown Putin to be an excellent chess player, but, remember, the Iranians invented it.