Good News! Guardian scared of right-wing takeover

The Guardian, that relentless pusher of leftism, cites the poll figures for the European parliament.

The Ifop poll in the newspaper Le Nouvel Observateur gave Marine Le Pen‘s National Front 24% in the European contest, five points ahead of Hollande’s socialists and almost four times what the far-right party achieved in the last European election, in 2009.

The boost to the extreme right in France came amid growing fears among the European Union elite that extreme parties of right and left would make a strong showing in the European elections in May.

Nigel Farage‘s UK Independence party is tipped to do well, possibly becoming the biggest British party in the European parliament, while Geert Wilders, the Dutch anti-immigrant and anti-Islam populist, is also running strongly in the opinion polls.

German analysts and politicians expect the new anti single European currency party, Alternative for Germany, to win its first seats in a national poll. The far-right in Poland, Austria, Hungary and Bulgaria would also register gains, on current projections.

A combination of out of control Islamic minorities, arrogant know-it-all European Union government, and economic malaise is working to produce this.