You cannot caricature this enough

Occasionally, tired of the Islamic jihad, Obama, illegal immigration, declining IQs, rotten cities, financial skullduggery and other symptoms of American decline, and tired even of those who selflessly blog about the dark forces of evil, I turn to the left wing press for humour and refreshment of my satirical impulses.

I swear I did not make this up. Tuesday’s lead article in, “I’m attracted to trans women: After years of confusion and shame, I’m ready to stop hiding the truth about my desires — and I’m not alone”

The heteronormative world in which we live had successfully convinced me that being attracted to transgender women meant I had a fetish. I began questioning my sexuality and even my masculinity.  I didn’t even know what to call my sexual orientation.  Finally one day, after hours of searching, I came across two terms that described what I was feeling. Trans-attraction and trans-orientation. Neither one is official or common, but their use is growing due to the increasing demand for a way to categorize people who are attracted to transgender people. When I saw these words, a feeling of relief washed over me: I was not alone. I don’t always describe myself as trans-attracted, but the label helped me feel like I had a place in the queer community and it helps others understand my sexuality.

I long for the day when we will not have to read any such articles, not because people will be prevented from expressing trans-attraction, or a preference for blondes of the opposite sex, but because no one will care. I guess we have a ways to go before kink ceases to be kinky.

Only the children of breeders write history.