No demagoguery needed

The US census speaks.

Blurred in this chart below but clearer in the original, 26.5% of white households receive means-tested assistance, 50.9% of black households, 27.9% of Asian, and 53.3% of Hispanic households received means-tested government assistance.


means tested assistance US

The American Thinker comments:

“The government figures were broken down by race. While 20.5% of White and 27.9% of Asian households receive some form of means-tested benefits, 50.9% of Black households and 53.3% of Hispanic households receive welfare assistance. The figure for Hispanic households should dispel any notions that the Republican Party will gain any advantage from immigration reforms that increase the size of this voting bloc. Communities with a high dependence on welfare will vote for the party that promises to keep the benefits flowing. There is a reason every Democrat in Congress supports comprehensive immigration reform that would open a path to the voting booth to those who came into the country illegally.”