The whitest jobs in the United States

The Atlantic is bemoaning racial stratification and self-segregation in the workforce, as usual.

Sources: The Atlantic on-line and American Renaissance. AmRen says

 Whites account for about 81 percent of the workforce. But there are 33 occupations counted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (particularly those on farms, around heavy machines, in doctor’s offices, and in C-suites) where whites officially account for nine in ten of all workers, or more. Here they are.

The chart is legible at American Renaissance, but not here, I regret to say.Jobs

Unless you have read The Bell Curve and Thomas Sowell’s Race and Culture, these kinds of phenomena will always seem like the results of white racism, or low educational attainment, or the results of living in ghettos. In other words, results will always be mistaken for causes.