Why Obamacare failed

It failed for three simple reasons.

1. This was the biggest web startup and the business experience in the administration consisted of the following.


On top of this group is a guy who can’t even show up on time – one of the most basic requirement for a decent work ethic.

See: https://twitter.com/HowLateWasObama

2. In 2008 we were told that Obama was running an election campaign and that was proof positive that he had executive experience. What these Obama fanboys forgot was that his experience was in a very narrow sphere, namely political knife fights. When that is all you have done all your life, then all steps you take will be in accordance with that modus operandi. That is why the following is not surprising.

It started with a slow-walk of critical Obamacare rulemaking, a key part of Plouffe’s do-no-harm election-year strategy of minimizing controversial regulatory action. “The number-one culprit was [that] they deferred rulemaking until after the election,” says Mike Leavitt, the Bush-era HHS chief whose face Bob Gates couldn’t quite place. “When they did that, it threw the entire process off. … They were issuing rules in September for implementation in October.”

In sum they were more worried about political optics than getting the job done.

3. Obama lied, or to use the NYT phrase made an “incorrect promise”, when he stated “If you like your plan, you can keep it” in one form or another, more than 34 times. The fact of the matter is that Obama is not averse to lying – yes shocking news for some. Here is a guy who was born in Hawaii and went around telling people that he was born in Kenya, because it helped the storyline.