How bad is the Obamacare website design?

Well, if this was considered then it must be truly awful.

One senior White House official said they briefly considered scrapping the system altogether.

In addition to the problems noted in an earlier post, it seems that this project lacked one of the most basic requirement for a project of this magnitude.

To do that, they would have to take charge of a project that, they would come to discover, had never been fully tested and was flailing in part because of the Medicare agency’s decision not to hire a “systems integrator” that could coordinate its complex parts.

In any project with multiple players, the most often repeated phrase is “my part works fine”. It is hard to fathom how Medicare agency made the decision to forego a systems integrator.

But there is no need to despair. As one keen observer noted, “Complaining about a broken Obamacare website is like complaining about a blown head gasket on a molester’s van.”.