Hurrah for Aglukkaq!

Leona Aglukkaq has confirmed her heretical status with the climate catastrophists. This is what the Canadian Minister of the Environment was told by her department to say in response to the latest political statement of the IPCC:

Federal Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq set aside a proposal from her department earlier this year to publicly state that the Harper government recognized scientific evidence that humans were “mostly responsible for climate change” and that it took this threat “seriously.”

Let’s review the facts. The global temperature (and there is severe doubt that such a statistical aggregate makes any sense) has failed to rise for 17 years. The CO2 content of the atmosphere has roared past 400 parts per million. Yet man-made CO2 is assumed to cause global warming. If atmospheric CO2 has risen as much as it has, and global mean temperatures have not, then there is a whole lot of missing heat to explain.

The promoters of  this scam are trying to persuade the more gullible that the  missing heat is somehow being hidden in deep ocean currents, despite the fact the heat rises, and cold sinks.

The disjunction between cause and effect must be alarming to the faithful, but appears not to register with them.

Once again I am appalled by the gap between what is printed in mass media (shame! horror!heresy!) and what is known to anyone following the anthropogenic global warming scam in the blogosphere.