An inconvenient truth: icebreaker stuck in high summer Antarctic ice

On Christmas Eve, at the height of the Antarctic’s summer, a group of scientists, tourists and journalists and Russian crew became trapped on the icebreaker Akademik Shokalski off the coast of  Antarctica. An Australian icebreaker sent to rescue it had to turn back because of thick ice. The previous rescue attempt by a Chinese icebreaker had to turn back.

Onboard the Finnish-built Shokalskiy were 26 tourists, 22 Russian crew, four UK journalists and 22 scientists from Australia and New Zealand hoping to recreate Sir Douglas Mawson’s epic Antarctic expedition to Commonwealth Day.

Well, that is what they claimed. In fact the entire affair was a publicity stunt intended to show the dramatic loss of Antarctic ice since the time of Sir Douglas Mawson’s tour of the Antarctic coast in 1911 by sled dogs.

The expedition originally set out to investigate the effects of climate change on the region. It is still expected that the ship will make its scheduled return on Jan. 4, 2014.

In their statement to the press, the warmist scientists said, in part:

We’re stuck in our own experiment. We came to Antarctica to study how one of the biggest icebergs in the world has altered the system by trapping ice. We followed Sir Douglas Mawson’s footsteps into Commonwealth Bay, and are now ourselves trapped by ice surrounding our ship.

Sea ice is disappearing due to climate change, but here ice is building up. We have found this has changed the system on many levels. The increase in sea ice has freshened the seawater below, so much so that you can almost drink it. This change will have impacts on the deep ocean circulation.



Two of the four journalists aboard the ice-bound ship come from Britain’s left-wing standard bearer, the Guardian. One of them reports:

On Christmas Eve, a blizzard hit our ship with 50-knot winds – mild for these parts – that made it difficult to stand up straight on the deck … By Christmas morning, we were beset with ice. Our expedition was forced into a temporary pause, while we waited for the polar winds to be kind to us and blow the pack ice out of our way.

So here we have an icebreaker full of global warming agitators stuck in ice just past the summer solstice. What a global embarrassment!

So what are they going to do? Hide the decline! Nothing to look at here! Move on! Move on!

  • The scientific nature of the expedition will be hidden, it will be a tourist ship, an Antarctic adventure ship, a Russian ship.
  • The obvious connection between the build-up of ice and the presence or absence of global warming will go unmentioned, unlike the case of what would have happened if the bay had been ice-free.
  • It will become a story of heroic rescue efforts and doughty tourists surviving for weeks at minus 5C in a warm ship. [It is minus 15C outside tonight in Canada’s capital].

When Lawrence Solomon wrote that it was the year from hell for global warming catastrophists, he wrote too soon, but he was right. The global embarrassment will continue. Watch them try to hide it.

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