The purged

They were found guilty of offending “the Cathedral”, that apex of political correctness.

Read this and contemplate whether we are in fact living in a liberal society. My short answer is no.

A  central narrative about the origins of modern anti-democratic thought is here.

A more religious interpretation of its origins is found here.

If you ask, why waste your time in this neo-reactionary bullshit? Why give mental time over to silly ranters in basements? My answer is given in part by looking at my posting on the controversy about Judge Nadon’s appointment to the Supreme Court. I cannot take seriously what passes for controversy and thought in Canada in 2014. I have other concerns. One of them is the systemic undermining of constitutional government and reasonable social order by the political Left, or the rising tide of Bad Ideas. This tide is broader, deeper, older, and more significant than contemporary controversies, which are the tide’s surface manifestation.