Pawn to King 4

I must say I am impressed with young Mr. Trudeau. Declaring his entire Senate caucus to be independents was bold. It shows the ruthlessness, lack of excessive concern for human sentiments, cunning, and leadership we expect in our Prime Ministers. This will be a game in which the real Prime Minister, the Supreme Court, the Opposition leaders, and even Preston Manning will be playing. But for a decisive gesture, I am amused and think better of him already, in a Machiavellian sense.

Says the Globe :

Mr. Trudeau, the Liberal Leader, took Canadian politics by surprise Wednesday morning when he announced that he was expelling all Liberal senators from his Parliamentary caucus and would advocate a non-partisan process for appointing future senators that would fill the Senate with independents.

It matters not at all that the gesture is dismissed by anyone; its effect is to show the public that Trudeau can be decisive. That is all he needs to do at this stage.