Theory is determining what is being observed

“Theory determines what is observed” is a line attributed to Einstein. I once heard the expression used by a senior scientist speaking to John Holdren, Obama’s principal scientific advisor. He was attempting to get Holdren to perceive that the theory of anthropogenic global warming was determining what was being observed.

The semi-mystical belief system of warmists is aptly described by Sean Thomas in the Telegraph. After reviewing centuries of headlines crying “worst flooding ever”, “worst cold ever”, he concludes:

Perhaps man-made climate change is all in the mind – because, in our instinctive terrors, we always think that something wicked this way comes, especially from the sky: as a punishment from God, for things we have done. This paranoia, should it exist, would be hardwired into the human psyche, so we would rarely notice it – as the mind deceives itself.

If this is true, it means that lefty and greeny believers in man-made climate change are merely the Mormons of Meteorology, the Wahhabi of Warmism: they are the psychic equivalent of apocalyptic religious maniacs, forever spying signs of the promised Endtimes, and yet forever being disappointed.

What bothers us skeptics is that, for the Warmist, all events are evidence that man-made global warming is causing “climate change”, and that nothing fails to be evidence. Nothing denies, everything confirms: kind of like the love of God for a Christian. Personally, I prefer to reserve my beliefs for what cannot be proven. When holding a pen in my hand, I do not believe the pen will fall towards the earth when I let it go, I know it will fall. Pardon me if I prefer to believe in God than “climate change”. My God is a more interesting and helpful Imaginary Friend.

So I say to the warmists, recognize your beliefs as beliefs, and spare the rest of us from forced belief in your religion. It is your insistence that your beliefs are facts that makes me think you are akin to the paranoid hearing voices through toasters and air-phones. Everything conduces to your beliefs; but I cannot hear the voices emanating from the air-phones and toasters, and I resent being made to pretend.