Roger Ailes as not heard by the CBC

Yesterday, the CBC aired an interview with journalist and author Gabriel Sherman about Roger Ailes, the presiding genius of Fox News.

There was something obscene about the shared world view of the CBC and Gabriel Sherman, the attacker of Roger Ailes. I shall explain why in a moment. Let me be more precise. The CBC and Gabriel Sherman are allowed to share a world view, but the CBC is not allowed to be so bad at interviewing.

Roger Ailes did not create modern American conservatism. He did not cause the political divisions of contemporary American life. The main thesis – unstated of course – of Gabriel Sherman’s book is that, but for Fox News, American political life would not be so stressed, fractious, and divided.

That essential question was never asked by the CBC interviewer.

Fox News continues to outperform other cable news networks because it represents a view that millions of Americans hold, and more of them hold conservative views than people like Gabriel Sherman would like.

Unfortunately, as the interview made clear, the people who hold those views tend largely to be white, older, and male. Gabriel Sherman and the CBC interviewer made no pretense of their disdain for the audience of Fox News. If one had said that the audience for a news network owned by George Soros was predominantly urban, liberal and Jewish, or black, you would have heard the screams of outrage all the way to a Human Rights Commission. The real obscenity of the interview was the presumption that the views of older, male, conservatives was illegitimate because held by older, male, conservatives. And they did not have the balls to say it out loud, but left it hanging like smoke in the air.

Every time you think that perhaps, perhaps, intelligent radio might be possible, and turn to the CBC for some relief from advertizing and the general moronicity of commercial radio, you encounter the smug certainties of the chattering classes. Roger Ailes is bad, thinks the CBC, and though we do not know quite how bad, here we have this young author of impeccable credentials to tell us exactly how bad in this wonderful book.

A search of Gabriel Sherman/Roger Ailes will show that the young man’s book is receiving rave reviews in all the right places in the media.

The real crime of people like Roger Ailes is that they broke the monopoly of received wisdom from people like Gabriel Sherman and the mainstream media; they showed that millions of people did not buy into the CBS/NBC/ABC world view, and that they were not taking it anymore, by voting with their eyeballs to trust views more raucous and conservative than the twee little world of Our Established Masters.

For this crime, Ailes must be vilified, and Gabriel Sherman’s fortune has just been made by his allies in the media. It may be tiresome to harp on the “media party”, but to see it in action is to remind oneself of its power.