Another voice of sanity

John Kerry says the Crimea, which has been Russian longer than the Louisiana Purchase has been American, is not Russian. Yeah, sure.

I have no love for Vlad the Impaler. On the other hand, I have no love for Obama. But one of them is going to triumph in this situation, because he has history and the will of the Russian people on his side. Russia will not lose the Crimea, under any circumstances. Note that the western edge of the map below shows the Crimean Peninsula taken from the slave-raiding Muslim Tartars before 1805. The Louisiana Purchase was in 1803. The Khanate of Crimea was destroyed by the Russians shortly before the end of the 18th century, in 1783. Don’t weep for these slave trading Muslims.



Thus I was pleased to see Lawrence Solomon propose in the National Post the split up the Ukraine into pro-European and pro-Russian parts. Some people do not belong together.

With Crimea’s departure from the Ukraine now a fait accompli, Ukraine will need to consider next steps. The next step should be divorce between Ukraine’s Russia-loving east and Europe-loving west. Although they are both populated primarily by ethnic Ukrainians, east and west meet on almost nothing – the east is mainly Russian speaking, the west mainly Ukrainian; the east is mainly industrial, the west mainly agricultural; the east’s economy is mainly oriented toward Russia’s, the west’s to Europe.

Compared to this lucidity, Kerry and Obama are not even wrong.