Offering the martyrdom they profess to desire

The Egyptian military regime condemns 528 Muslim Brotherhood members to death.

You know the one about lawyers: What you call a cruise ship full of lawyers sinking? A good start. Same here.Think I am being harsh? How many Christian Egyptians have been killed or forcibly converted under the Morsi regime? Egypt has already ridded itself of its Jews, so that is why they have none of them  left to kill.That leaves the Christians to persecute. The only safe place for Christians int he middle east is in dictatorships, or Israel.

Read Raymond Ibrahim on the subject of depopulation of Christians in the Dar el Islam here.

In one week in Egypt alone, where my Christian family emigrated, the Muslim Brotherhood launched akristallnacht—attacking, destroying, and/or torching some 82 Christian churches (some of which were built in the 5th century, when Egypt was still a Christian-majority nation before the Islamic conquests). Al-Qaeda’s black flag has been raised atop churches. Christians—including priests, women and children—have been attacked, beheaded, and killed.

In 1900 20% of the Middle East was Christian; that figure is now 2%.

Was the sentence passed on the Muslim Brotherhood members just? Quite likely. Was it by due process of law? Of course not. Will it be carried out? No though some will be shot.

From Yahoo news:

The interim government’s targeting of journalists and secular as well Islamist activists has prompted fears of a return to the authoritarian practices of the Mubarak era.

Hey, no kidding.

Hear what Raymond Ibrahim has to say:

There, is of course, a very important reason why the mainstream media ignores radical Muslim persecution of Christians: if the full magnitude of this phenomenon was ever know, many cornerstones of the mainstream media—most prominent among them, that Israel is oppressive to Palestinians—would immediately crumble.

Why?  Because radical Muslim persecution of Christians throws a wrench in the media’s otherwise well-oiled narrative that “radical-Muslim-violence-is-a-product-of-Muslim-grievance”—chief among them Israel.

Consider it this way: because the Jewish state is stronger than its Muslim neighbors, the media can easily portray Islamic terrorists as frustrated “underdogs” doing whatever they can to achieve “justice.”  No matter how many rockets are shot into Tel Aviv by Hamas and Hezbollah, and no matter how anti-Israeli bloodlust is articulated in radical Islamic terms, the media will present such hostility as ironclad proof that Palestinians under Israel are so oppressed that they have no choice but to resort to terrorism.