Doomist cult utters fresh fatuities


Has there been global warming?

Yes. Since the retreat of the glaciers 10,000 years ago in this part of North America, there has been global warming. Look at a map of North America. Do you see Long Island, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket? They are moraines from the last continental glaciation. Imagine the size of the glacier that pushed that amount of rock.

Long Island New York

When was the fastest rate of global warming observed?

At the end of the Little Ice Age, in England, between 1694 and 1733.

Are we increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?

Yes. Man-caused emissions of CO2 have increased the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere to above 400 parts per million.

Has there been significant global warming in the past 17 years?


But I thought that increased amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere were causing global warming?

You are correct. That is the theory. That is the prediction. That is what all those expensive computer-generated climate models have been predicting.

So what has happened?

Several answers are possible. At the level of science, computer-generated models predict on the basis of a host of assumptions. Many of those assumptions were tweaked to generate predictions of warming.


Grants, prestige, publication, fear of being shunned, following the trend, getting grants and promotions. Money was the answer, what was the question? Billions have been invested in proving man-caused global warming.

But if the science is wrong, where is the impetus coming from?

At the level of politics, global warming was the ultimate authority for limiting economic activity by a governing class, because the market, left to itself, could only destroy the earth through heat generation. That is was and always shall be the source of its political power: a form of economic determinism to replace the failed theory of Karl Marx. It justifies a class of international, unelected, remote bureaucrat in governing economies.

What can I do?

Do nothing. This hysteria will pass. It is receding already.