Cultural styles, or is it just culture?

The two funerals shown in this blog are of the funeral procession for the Queen Mother and of the final scenes of the burial of the  Ayatollah Khomeini. In one, order, decorum, solemnity, clarity, precision, and ceremony. Unity of theme, unity of action, unity of place, unity of time. In the other, frenzy, indignity, madness, crowds, trampling, embarrassment, and idiocy. The mob overturns the casket and the body of Khomeini falls out.

As even the BBC had to admit, this was a “hugely embarrassing and highly undignified scene”. Some fools are trying to tell us that all cultures are equal. I have no idea what they could mean by applying such a term to such profound matters as culture. I do not know what could possibly be “equal” about cultures.

The “evening of infinite sadness” indeed.