The peasants are revolting

The Telegraph reports a new party, Alternativ für Deutschland, has won significant (10%+) voting share in various German Länder. The new party is called “Euroskeptic”, meaning that the German voter is tiring of bailing out corrupt Mediterranean economies.

Says the Telegraph, citing a ratings agency:

There has long been anger in Germany over the direction of EMU politics, with a near universal feeling that German taxpayers are being milked to prop up southern Europe, but dissidents were until now scattered. “AfD appears to enjoy a disciplined leadership, and is a well-funded party appealing to conservatives more broadly, beyond its europhobe core,” it said. “This shift in the partisan landscape could have implications for euro area policies by diminishing the German government’s room for manoeuvre. “

Why is it always such a surprise when the natives tire of supporting Muslim aggression internally and slacker nations externally?