Takimag peddling the old lefty-Canada shibboleth

The always entertaining TakiMag is pissing me off. In particular, its two resident Canadian writers, Gavin McInnes and Kathy Shaidle, are peddling a line of crap to their American readership.  The country they discuss – Canada- is not the one I live in. The fact they are peddling this line suggests it is what the American readership, or editorial direction, expects of their Canadian correspondents.

Generations of multicultural pandering have turned Canadians soft, and even before the shooting we were hearing about how crucial it is to reserve judgment regarding Islam. On Monday morning, another radicalized nut job, Martin Couture-Rouleau, assassinated Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent by smashing into him with his car. Instead of getting angry, Canadians called for tolerance. They refused to call the terrorist a terrorist and insisted it was some poor, disenfranchised youth who was mad at us for taking too long to renew his passport

My point is, this is the only version of Canada that American conservatives read or hear. The stereotype remains a Canada fixed in the Trudeau-era that passed away by 1984, thirty years ago.

“Instead of getting angry, Canadians called for tolerance”.

Exactly who, Mr. McInnes? Some flakes at the Toronto Star?

When you consider that the American electorate has twice selected as President an academic wanker who got there because he appeared a) mulatto and b) intellectual, it takes some gall to assert that Canada is in thrall to leftism. Nine years of Harper and the message still has not changed.

Taki Theodoracopoulos, there are Canadian conservatives  who would be happy to pen an essay or two for you, whose views of Canada are not stuck in the past. Shaidle and McInnes, take a look at the United States, and tell me if you sincerely believe Canada to be more left-wing in 2014. Stop catering to this idiotic view!