Jian Ghomeshi versus Leonard Cohen

My point is made in the title.

Leonard Cohen has probably seduced 100 million women with his voice; Jian Ghomeshi not so many. But of women they have had sex with, have you heard a peep of the hundreds of women who have graced Leonard Cohen’s bed? In an eighty year life, of which at least fifty five have been sexually active, has anyone come forward to complain of Leonard Cohen’s comportment in and around women? Has there been so much as a whiff of impropriety?

Leonard Cohen once treated my now wife and her young friend to a hot dog on Saint Catherine Street in the mid -1960s. He was then a thirty year old just returned from Hydra, in the Aegean Sea. They were then 14 years old. They saw him and oohed and aahed and asked for an autograph. He was flattered to have been recognized, being only a published poet at the time and Songs of Leonard Cohen was a couple of years in the future. Leonard asked them to join him for a hot dog at Woolworth’s. He explained that he had recently given up vegetarianism, as he found it was, for him at the time, a pretentious posture. After the hot dog was finished (Leonard paid), he took his leave. No physical contact or gesture was made. She still remembers the charm of the man.

How many women will remember Ghomeshi as favourably, fifty years later?