I tire of tearful apologies

I would like someone who has offended the local gods of female, black or other superiorities to offer no apologies. I would like someone to say: “Piss off you fatuous oversensitive weenies, you harridans, you lesbian muff-divers, you professionally outraged pissants, you mouthpieces of black gangsterism and civilizational decay, die an ugly death.”

The BBC reports that some scientist on the Rosetta project had to give a “tearful apology” for wearing a tasteless shirt emblazoned with naked women.


Rosetta scientist

Look at his shirt, then look at his tattoos. Tastelessness is his offence, people, not crimes against women!

To him I would say, put on a shirt and tie and look like a civilized being. Be a man!

We live in world where people are left to starve on mountain tops because they cannot return to their villages, because, if they do, they will face the beheading sword of Islam. We live in world where Africans die of Ebola, where armies of refugees seek to cross the Mediterranean to escape the trap of North Africa. We live in a world where people die in a thousand little wars or by being in their homes when savages invade with weapons and murderous intentions.

I want someone, somewhere, to stop apologizing for these microaggressions, to get really LOUD and become macro-aggressive. To go full Ezra Levant on these people.

For someone, somewhere, to say: “I am not taking this anymore”.

Fat chance of that.