Recriminations start among UK Tories

The usual recriminations have started after UKIP’s by-election victories. On the one hand, the people feeling the heat are saying to Prime Minister Cameron that must do something to stop the immense flow of immigration to Britain, and on the other the progressives and other wets do not want Cameron to sound too much like UKIP.

Millionairess entrepreneur Ms James, 57, is the first openly lesbian Conservative MP. She gave those at the meeting a written statement, which said: “There is a danger that the anti-immigration and anti-EU minority tail is wagging the majority British dog. There is a clear case that needs to be made for immigration. Their role in wealth creation should not be underestimated.

“The day people are put off by the constant negative rhetoric about people coming to this country, and stop coming, is the day we will have far more to worry about.”

She is said to have highlighted a recent poll which showed that more than two thirds of the public would not vote for Ukip in any circumstance.

The same polls showed that two-thirds of Canadians would never vote Reform in any circumstances. In a three-party election all you need is for about 3% more than 33% to change their minds, and voila, you have a majority government.

In any case, it is too late Mr. Cameron. The British people have decided you are a slimy weasel. Any adaptation to UKIP is likely too late.

A Welsh Conservative MP says his party is aloof and out of touch, and must reform itself or lose the election – and not to Labour either.

He writes:

The Rochester result is not some bolt out of the blue. It is the inevitable result of the most dramatic shift in voter behaviour in our lifetimes. As it stands, 44 per cent of voters will back a different party at the General Election than in 2010. The biggest migrants are Conservatives joining Ukip, and Liberal Democrats joining Labour. But all parties are losing significant support to ‘don’t know’.