New Republic down the tubes

The economic woes of the print magazine business have claimed the leading liberal magazine of the United States, the New Republic.

The letter [of resignation]  comes one day after a shakeup that saw the resignation of top editor Franklin Foer and veteran literary editor Leon Wieseltier, both of whom resigned due to differences of vision with Hughes, a 31-year-old Facebook co-founder who bought the magazine in 2012. On Friday morning, more than two dozen of the magazine’s senior and contributing editors quit the magazine en masse in protest.

Another software billionaire takes on a dying print institution. 31 year years old! I assume he may have some sense at that age; I think Alexander the Great died at 34.

The former senior editors of the The New Republic wrote in protest as follows:

“The New Republic is a kind of public trust,” they continued. “That is something all its previous owners and publishers understood and respected. The legacy has now been trashed, the trust violated. It is a sad irony that at this perilous moment, with a reactionary variant of conservatism in the ascendancy, liberalism’s central journal should be scuttled with flagrant and frivolous abandon. The promise of American life has been dealt a lamentable blow.”

The curious part of the statement is that “a reactionary variant of conservatism is in the ascendancy”. Who knew? I see no signs of it. Creeping colonization both physical and ideational by Islam, drowning of the US in Central American peasant influx, declining educational standards, exemption of American blacks from normal moral standards, deliberate anti-white, anti-male and anti-christian alliances of the Left everywhere you look: is this the ascendancy of a reactionary version of conservatism? Some ascendancy! some conservatism!