Speech to the Muslims of Britain by Sean Gabb

Sean Gabb is the leader of the British Libertarians. He runs a lonely campaign, part Farage, part anti-establishment, part agit-prop. This is what he said, in part, in a speech to the Muslim community. I recommend you read it all.

You were allowed to settle in this country for various reasons. One of them is that the British ruling class does not wish to be held accountable before a united and homogenous nation. In such a nation, while there may be differences of income and faith and opinion, the people will understand one another, and will trust one another. Below a possibly turbulent surface, they will be joined by bonds of shared blood and a common history. A trespass on the rights of one will tend to be seen as a trespass on the rights of all. Show me ten reasonably homogenous nations, and I will show you seven or eight, or even nine, liberal democracies, with equality before the law and a high degree of political accountability. Show me a multi-ethnic “community of communities,” and I will probably show you an empire – an empire without working accountability, because its constituent nationalities are too suspicious of one another to present a united front to the authorities.

The British ruling class does not want to govern a nation. It wants to rule an empire. I repeat, this is not the sole reason why mass-immigration from the Third World was encouraged. But it is one of the most important reasons. You differ from the natives of this country in appearance, in blood, in faith, and in many of your most basic assumptions about the world.

I always was suspicious of Joe Clark’s “community of communities” blather, and now I have specific reasons. There is much to be said for being a nation, in terms of mutual trust, common standards, and mutual understanding.

The challenge which Muslim immigration brings to us is more than outrageous demands that we succumb to their odious religion/political ideology. In the short run, an unassimilable group of people, whose religion/political ideology is profoundly hostile to western civilization,  breaks down the networks of trust and mutual good faith on which liberal democracies depend, and can only be managed on on Ottoman basis, where each minority community is a miliyet, reporting upward to a suzerain/political boss. This may be governance, but it is the death of the idea of a nation.

French-Canadians are clearer on this concept than we are, and their intolerance of Islam is a harbinger of political battles that will inevitably be fought out in English-Canada. Let us not be too quick to condemn our francophone co-nationals; they understand what Sean Gabb is saying  better than we do.

And this brings me to an interview with Nigel Farage of UKIP, on the same subject:


“What we’ve done, is we’ve allowed through a deliberate policy of multiculturalism, because we want to show the world what lovely people we are, we’ve allowed different communities to develop a different culture within, what ought to be a Judeo-Christian culture, in the case of my country, our constitution makes it perfectly clear, that is what we are as country and — we want to be tolerant of other religions, and other minorities, but they’ve got to understand the law of the land in our country. We’ve lost sight of that, and we’ve seen Paris, we’ve seen events in parts of Belgium, now these arrests here in New York City today. This isn’t going away in a hurry, and we’re going to have to get very much more robust” he stated.

Robust? You bet.