What will it take for you global warming believers to doubt?



IMG_0299apr25 March15_0210 (2)


The apparent whitish substance in the 2 photos is snow. I took the top one this morning on April 25th, 2015. I took the bottom one on March 15th, 2015. The  bottom photo shows normal snowfall for that time of year. The top photo should show grass emerging from brown earth.

As I stepped out this morning, I  heard the birds singing to beat the band. For them, it is spring, and time to get on with annual breeding and nest building. Cognitive dissonance – the birdsong was as if we were in a fine green May morning, while the snow was as if we were still in March.

Please don’t tell me that “weather isn’t climate”. I know all the arguments; I have heard them for decades. I just observe what I observe and what I observe is new falling snow on April 25th, when usually it has totally gone even in the deep woods between April 6th -15th.

I keep wondering what will make global warming catastrophists allow themselves to doubt the religion of man-caused global warming.

Is there some evidence, of any kind, that will refute the ultimately scientific proposition that the earth is warming? what would it be?If everything conduces to the result that man is causing global warming and no conceivable evidence can refute it,then we are in the presence of religious belief.

As Popper observed, if it is not a refutable proposition, it is not science.


Some of you believers, please tell me what would persuade you that the planet is not warming due to man’s activities. Does such evidence exist in theory?

Sorry to disturb the tranquility, but this apparent gap between observed data and theory is really bugging me.

The earth has been cooling over the past 1000 years.


Is anything you see on this graph, including especially the latest rise in temperature since the end of the Little Ice Age (1400-1800), different from the temperature variations of the last nine thousand years? (When the last ice age came to an end).

In short, what will it take to make any of you believers doubt the religion of man-caused global warming? Or doubt the scientific validity of an ultimately scientific proposition? Facts?
As I contemplate splitting more wood in April, I contemplate asking you eco-wankers to help me in the  lifting, stacking, and tossing of firelogs for a few hours. Maybe some physical work will make you appreciate that heat is good.